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Technology support for qualifying 501(c)(3) Organizations

37West has been serving the needs of non-profit and community service organizations of Virginia since it started in 2011. Since then 37West now offers a dedicated IT support plan that is similar to our 1Care Manage IT service plan called 37West-NP. We offer the same business based IT management service but at a discount of up to 40%, in some cases. 37West-NP comes in 2 plans, Un-manged and Managed. We highlight the difference in the two below. Lets first discuss why 37West-NP  is a good thing over all.

Predictable Expense

Non-profits are always challenged with small budgets and designated funds for services and programs, making IT a lower priority. With 37West-NP our pricing is flat-rate for all your technology purchases, equipment, service, training and support. There are no hidden fees. 37West-NP offers pricing and services designed to help non-profit organizations meet their technology needs within their budget. We are also one of the only firms in Virginia to help offer budgeting assistance with a no-cost Technology Assessment Service and provide a free technology review for non-profits to help them know where they stand and provide proper guidance.

faithOpen on Sunday!

For the majority of our faith based non-profits you will find that with our 1Care managed IT services we will respond to an issue on Sundays because that's the most important time for you. There's no additional expense to you, either. You will find that our Service desk will be available to you from 7AM to 12PM every Sunday.



We Understand

social media non profit37West provides a complete technology management solution for non-profits with all the features and benefits of our Integrity IT Services including data protection and proactive monitoring of all key functions on the network, servers and workstations, but at nearly half the cost in some cases. It is designed to provide your organization with a low-cost, predictable investment and optimal productivity. Just as you are committed to those you serve in the community, our experienced IT specialists and managers are dedicated to helping you serve our community because we are all in this together.

Our IT management goals are nothing short of a reduction in your total cost of technology ownership and a dramatic reduction in your technology-induced stress level. As most businesses keep there technology for only 3-4 years we understand that as a Non-Profit you need your equipment to last as much as 5-6 years. Through proactive device and performance monitoring with our 1Care IT Services we can identify and correct issues on your network, servers, and desktops before they create downtime and respond immediately to service request.



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37West-NP Managed

Gain the same level of service as our top end 1Care Managed It Service plan with unlimited IT support and maintenance at up to 25% off our standard 1Care Rates. The Managed Plan Includes the following:

  • Includes support for 25+ PC's and 4+ servers and 1 or more seperate locations
  • Includes support for 25+ PC's and 4+ servers and 1 or more seperate locations
  • Ongoing 24/7 monitoring of all IT infrastructure, including servers, PC's, VoIP Phones, Networks,VPN's, and more
  • Providing a 24/7 "IT department" for your company and your employees
  • Personal company helpdesk support for each employee
  • Active anti virus updates and scans
  • Spy-ware / mal-ware prevention and deletion.
  • Scheduled patch assessments & system updates
  • Monthly 37 point on site inspection and cleaning of all workstations and devices
  • Active monitoring of potential hardware failure*Warranty repair services for Dell, HP, Acer, and more
  • Advanced network maintenance and management
  • VoIP Phone system support
  • Manage and perform ongoing backups***
  • Offsite backup support to maintain zero data loss***
  • File, SQL, Web, and SAN Server installation, maintenance, recovery, and support
  • Hosted and cloud e-mail server management
  • One-on-one quarterly meetings with reports to you about the health and recommendations of your technology infrastructure
  • Manage system updates (Windows, OS-X, Unix, Linux, etc)Automated dispatch to your site of business for repairs and maintenance if needed
  • Personalized training and consulting on new devices and equipment
  • Full planning and roll-out of any new systems or upgrades on site
  • Can work with existing providers on your behalf such as Xerox, COX, Verizon, Custom software vendor, and more
  • 1ne Link - A dedicated technician for IT consulting, planning, and support
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If you would like to know more information on any of these plans feel free to Contact us.