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Does you business have an Evil Twin?

Phishing is big business for the dark web and you could be in for a shock...
Most businesses think they are safe with the domain they have chosen, but the bad actors out there have developed a sneak strategy to fool your employees and business contacts into revealing personal data. 
Let's say that your site is, another domain could be bought as They look similar, and to the person opening up an email from you it could be thought of as safe, but that would be a mistake! Some sites will go as far as to spoof your website so that if someone were to check to see if it was legitimate, they would feel as though it were the real deal.
So how do leading companies safeguard their intellectual assets? First if you have a web presence you need to be on top of your web presence. This is not a set it and forget it product. Websites are like gardens and need constant maintenance. While you on the site doing all of this maintenance we suggest you go out on the web and search for keywords that your customers would use to find your site.
The most important thing you can do is train your staff to recognize a suspect email. HOld regualar meeting on security and best practices. Many companies bring in a third party to speak at company meetings about Cyber Security and Computer best practices .
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